Let me take you…….

To the field of dreams and magic
Look how flowers in the wild
Marigolds and daffodils,
Buttercups and hyacints,
are lightly kissed
by drifting dragonflies
sunrays pouring through their wings
Of glass, turning into silver leaves
Lapping sparkling waterwaves
Let me elevate you on wings of wonder
Mesmerise you on the brise of bliss
Lift you over lovely landscapes
Green and yellow with turqois ponds
Let me land you where you shall
Be spellbound by the waving patterns
Of tender veins and nerves and ribs
of ferns and leaves and shells and all
Ambers and coppers and violets
Embroidered on the velvet cloak
Of shadow-covered earth and moss
Glide away in see-through bubbles
Through air, light and lucid,
Bouncing yes,
Rowing with windrustled wings

Oh, I know, I can allure you
Seduce you only by suggest

Come and fancy-feel it
Soothe your senses, out of common
Flee from bars of normalness
The consumerstate of rules and laws
Existence gritted to computerfit
Of flatscreens, schemes and obligations
Of low fat, and food and selfesteem
Multitasking, stress and floating fear
Petty judgements, big pretentions

Calculations, profitfigures, deficits
Ozonholes, petrolprice, mortgagemargins
Power, picketline, posh and poor
Personal redundancy, cold codes
Of dress, and taste and conduct
Of shampoostreets and cereal-allies
Of wait and hurry and choking choices
Press 1 or 2 or 3 by force
Of clocks and dates and decency
Insurance, interest-rates, recession rattle
Of famines, wars and violence:
Creeping menacing out of corners
Lurking darkly (only in your head?)
Big in papers, small in streets

The transitory phase you’ve entered
On the market of satisfaction of the feel

The prisoners dilemma state of:
Much to hate, but more to loose,



Childhood seeking of sensations
Fastfood feasts and birthday parties
Hanging, lying, sighing still
Kicks of drinks and drugs to drown
in oblivion
Been there, done that,
Blasé and bored

growning up and face the facts

Would you take a step
In the unknown of new decisions
Reality check and responsibilities
Taking care of earth and needy
Account for actions and the choice
Of being wicked, right or wrong,
Honest, hypocrite or chonder
Much to fear or fret to love?
Brave or going with the flow

Adult hood is a frightening prospect
You’re not willing to leave (yet)?

So you rather wait a little
Take time out in saving clouds
Pick your rainbowcoloured bubble
Let it mount in fairy air

Extend your childhood,
Dream a while further,
Sink on muffled eiderdown
in gaze cristal fashiontents.

Let me take you

Dr.Susanne Piët
Trend psychologist
After studies in Dutch literature and Journalistic Science, Susanne Piët She graduated from Amsterdam in in social Psychology and Mass Media. In 1986 she received her Ph.D. with a thesis on emotion and motivation research, entitled "The wages of Fear" about what motivates people to take risks, confront danger and reset boundaris (partly published in the American scientific magazine Emotion and Motivation). Susanne Piët worked for 10 years (1976-1986) as an academic professor at the University of Amsterdam.
Susanne Piët is currently working as managing director of the Susanne Piët Consulting Agency for Communication Strategies and Training in Wapenveld since May 1988 and specialises. As a communication and marketingstrategist she offers supervisory, coaching and advisory capacity.

Susanne Piët worked for more than 20 years as a journalist and interviewer for wellknown Duth papers magazines, radio and television. She has written over a dozen books, several awarded or shortlisted, amongst which The Emocode (available in english). She gives lectures and seminars. She has  been honoured as knight by the Queen of the Netherlands.